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I am developing an app which is intended to be used by people participating in sporting events for Charity. The app is intended to link together an individual training efforts with a fund raising Campaign in a bid to boost the funds raised for their chosen Charity.

The app – BoostMyFund collates users training data and transforms this into an immersive campaign poster that is shared on social media directly from the app.

From the outset the key customers are Charity Sports Participators –
BoostMyFund removes the pressure of sharing the same post week after week. Instead it show off how hard they are training.

This “Campaign” ensures maximum exposure on social media, reducing the probability of people missing the link who would have donated if the moment was right.

While this benefits Participators the bi product should be to the benefit of charities who should see a boost in yield

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Treadmill Smart Speed

Treadmill Smart Speed is design to communicate your Treadmill Running Speed from you iPhone or Watch to a receiving devices. It used the same Bluetooth communications protocols as expensive running footpods.

TSS on the App Store



You choose your preferred Speed Input:

1 - Select the speed your treadmill is moving on the app and this is transmitted via bluetooth to your receiver.

2 - Attach the iPhone security to yourself and run. The iPhone's motion sensor will estimate your speed and transmit this to your bluetooth receiver.
****** iPhone 5S and above. *****

3 - Use your phone in combination with your Apple Watch. The Watch will send Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate via your phone and transmit these to your bluetooth receiver. (Watch workouts can be saved as part of your daily activity rings)

• TSS Watch Module - requires an Apple Watch to calculate Heart Rate, Cadence and Speed data.
• TSS Watch Module integrates with the Health App on your iPhone to contribute to your Activity Rings. It will request permission to access the relevant data types associated with a workout.

*Connection to MAC Requires BLE 4.0 -
The Mac mini , MacBook Air were both updated with Bluetooth 4.0 support in 2011.
The MacBook Pro Mac 2012.
The Mac Pro in December 2013.


Q. Can I run Zwift and TSS on the same device?
A. No, typically have Zwift running on an iPad and TSS on an iPhone.

Q Can I use my Apple Watch?
A.  Yes. It transmits Speed, Cadence and HR to your iPhone which is then available to Zwift (Zwift must be on a separate device). Also available to any other Bluetooth receiver. e.g. Sport Watches.

Q Can I use a MAC (*requires BLE 4.0) ?
A. Yes. Update:29 th Jan 2017. A new update to the Zwift software has now enable the pairing of BLE Running Speed Sensors with Zwift. 
*Connection to MAC Requires BLE 4.0 :
• The Mac mini , MacBook Air were both updated with Bluetooth 4.0 support in 2011.
• The MacBook Pro Mac  2012.
• The Mac Pro in December 2013.

Q Can I use a PC ?
A. No and Yes. Zwift does NOT support a direct PC connection for your Bluetooth Speed Sensor, you need to connect via the Mobile Link app. Unfortunately you cannot run TSS at the same time as Mobile Link so you will need two iPhones :(
Checkout the ZWIFT support for the full low down on BLE and PCs

Q. Is TSS only compatible with Zwift?
A. No. TSS acts like a normal footpod sensor, so *should be compatible with any BLE(BlueTooth Low Energy) device that would normally use a BLE footpod.
* should - TSS has not been tested with all possible devices(I am only one guy) I have tested with Polar Beat and Wahoo Fitness App.

Q Can I calibrate my iPhone when in Arm Band Mode.
A. No, TSS uses the information directly from the iPhone motion sensor as calibrated by Apple.

Q Can I calibrate my Watch to be more accurate.
A. Yes, Apple has the following guidelines for calibrating watch Workout data.

Manic Miner Run

A tribute to the ZX Spectrum classic - No Ads and No money generated from this game.

You have been transported back to the 8bit dimension of 1980's where life is simple but colourful. Willy has the overpowering urge to constantly run and jump.

Can YOU take the challenge and guide Willy through the underground caverns and beat Eugene in his lair.

In order to move to the next chamber, you must collect all the flashing keys in
the room while avoiding nasties like POISONOUS PANSIES and SPIDERS and SLIME and worst of all, MANIC MINING ROBOTS. When you have all the keys, you can enter the portal which will now be flashing.

The game ends when you have been 'hit' or fallen too far three times.



How hard can it be ThumberJack on the App Store Use you Thumb (ThumberJack) or any digit to follow the Tree Line and collect the Log Joints for point.Simple yet addictive game.

TKD Quiz & TKD Guide

Created to help us and our friends study for Tae Kwon Do Gradings.

TKD Quiz on the App Store


TKD Guide on the App Store