Block Racer Origins

Circa 1981
The fairground had arrived in our town "The Shows" as we called them. They fair setup on what we called "The Bing" which is a man made hill from excavating coal in the local area, at least I think that's what it was. 


Any way at the shows they had a video arcade and my dad allowed me allowed me to play Atari Stunt Cycle. I was blown away with the real handle bar controls, the experience was so exciting I could almost imagine me really jumping those buses. 

Inspire by the above game AppyAppster have created Block Racer.

I am starting to write this on the 4th April 2015 when AppyAppster is preparing to submit our v1.0 to the Apple appstore for review, so at this point Block Racer has not made its way to the public.

Reflecting back
As a retro game fan, I spend lot of times in my memory banks recalling the fun I had playing games on my ZX Spectrum when I was young, part of this development process is try to recapture some of that fun by making a game that I would have enjoy to play back then, at the same time keeping it relevant to today's technology and not trying to emulate and old machine playing an old game.

I never started this journey with the expectation of Co-Founding what can now be called a Indie Developer Studio, yet as a result of Block Racer AppyAppster Limited now exists.

Early Prototypes
I am not a programmer in my daily job, this started as a playground to keep my mind active in the evening when the kids were in bed. If I look back at the date stamp of what is a very early version of Block Racer it was create on 11 Dec 2013

This is written in Objective C with Sprite Kit


I did get this version to the point where it was playable, the bus number would increase, it was fun for me but no way it could be a commercial product. Anyway it would be another 12 months before I did any more with a second prototype.