Glasgow based independent developer making IOS apps and games.

Early history
AppyAppster really started before the company was formed. John and Clare met at the local TaeKwonDo (TKD) club. Our first collaboration was a TaeKwonDo quiz app, where John wrote his first ever Objective-C application and Claire put together the design and graphics. John continued to play with iOS and was keen on building apps and games bringing back memories of his old ZX Spectrum bedroom coding days where he wrote his own adventure games and arcade clones such as Hypersport. Unfortunately these ZX Spectrum game did not go beyond the point of distributing to anyone but friends. After the TKD quiz collaboration, John started writing Prototype Games but had no graphics ability or any QA skills. Claire was already working in the Interactive Media sector and an accomplished 3D artist with a passion for games. John showed her some of his game concepts and a partnership was formed and so was AppyAppster.

It is John here for now, working when I have time on different projects, I have a couple on the go.

MonkeyMcGee where's my Bananas : This is a machine code game for the ZX Spectrum Next. I am doing this with Simon Butler and Paul Sidman Hesso. This is not an AppyAppster game as such, but it is taking up quite a bit of my spare time.

BoostMyFund - Run Edition: An iPhone app who aim is to allow you to share your running stats when training for a charity running event. This is to show people how hard you are working and encourage more donations to your charity.